United States: The Argentine Embassy will promote the country as an Esports hub in Washington DC

As part of its program to promote business and investment opportunities, the Argentine Embassy in the United States will host 40 Esports company executives next Tuesday.


The aim is to demonstrate the country’s potential in this growing industry, both in terms of video game development and Esports tournament organization.

This event, organized jointly with the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Productive Development, will have a hybrid format; while Ambassador Jorge Argüello will receive the entrepreneurs at the diplomatic representation, experts from the Ministry of Productive Development, the Electronic Sports Association and Videogames from the Province of Córdoba, and the audiovisual and video game hub in Mendoza Province will give presentations on different segments of interest to US companies. Likewise, information about the Knowledge Economy Law and this sector’s competitiveness, with a federal projection in Argentina, will be expanded.

“The promotion of several industries of the Knowledge Economy, particularly in the United States, the largest market in the world, is a priority for our government. Its potential is enormous as regards investments, creation of quality employment, and consolidation of the technological ecosystem”, said Ambassador Argüello. He added: “Video games and especially electronic sports are undergoing a very strong growth; Argentina already occupies a preeminent place in this new industry and can continue to grow much more”.

Argentina has the largest number of players per capita in the continent and in October the Buenos Aires will host the Pan American Open, a qualifying tournament for the Esports World Cup to be held in Bali, Indonesia.

The event at the Argentine Embassy event will take place in the framework of the Esports Insider Washington DC events to be held from May 16 to 18 in Washington DC.

The Argentine Embassy will highlight the federal nature of the Esports sector, since it has made significant progress in provinces such as Mendoza, Córdoba, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires and Tucumán, among others.

The following companies, among others, will be present at the Argentine Embassy: ESL Pro League, Twitch, Entain, React Gaming Group, Gameplan, NASCAR, Riot Games, Misfits Gaming, Nerd Street Gamers, Adidas, Blinkfire Analytics, Method Gaming, Esports Coaching Academy and Esports Innovation Center.

According to estimates made by Newzoo, a consulting firm specializing in video game, the global value of Esports exceeded one billion dollars in 2021, and it projects that this sector could surpass the number of viewers and revenue of finals such as the Super Bowl or the UEFA Champions League in less than ten years. Latin America is the region where this sector has grown the most in the past two years.


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