Success of the First Edition of “Startup Nightmare Miami”: An Inspiring Meet Up

With Halloween behind the scenes, the first edition of "Startup Nightmare Miami"; concluded successfully, an event that has become a key meeting point to connect emerging startups in the United States with mentors, investors and industry experts.


The event’s name, “Startup Nightmare”, was chosen with the intention of establishing a space where diverse speakers would share their stories in an authentic and sincere way.

The meeting addressed the challenges, obstacles and moments of uncertainty common to all entrepreneurs.

Speakers delved into their own nightmares and the fears they had to face. They shared their experiences on how they overcame these obstacles. The impact on each attendee was evident.

At the end of the event, all participants took away with them a sense of inspiration, mutual learning and valuable lessons from the experiences shared.

Guillermo González Aleman, CEO of Litebox, commented: “All entrepreneurs face challenges and uncertain moments. This event aimed to shed light on those common nightmares and showcase how other companies overcame them. Additionally, the choice of Halloween as a backdrop added a magical touch”.

The event was hosted by Martín Gontovnikas, software engineer and co-founder of HyperGrowth Partners, and featured prominent speakers such as Lavinia Meliti, founder and CEO of Startupyer, Lucas Isola, investor and mentor in the technology field, and Demian Bellumio, technology entrepreneur and CEO of Quotidian Ventures LLC.

“Startup Nightmare Miami” was organized by software design and development firm Litebox and received support by prominent sponsors such as Miami Tech Life, Globant Ventures, Endeavor Miami, Startupyer, Boldstart, Hypergrowth, Trama, Indicius, AWS, Deel and Lazo.

The event stood out for three key aspects: captivating speakers who shared their stories, a pitch competition in which four emerging startups presented their projects, with Slice Token emerging as the winner. This innovative concept strives to empower sports enthusiasts to support Young athletes. The event concluded with an after-party that provided an opportunity to make valuable connections.

Guillermo Gonzalez Aleman, CEO of Litebox, expressed his enthusiasm for the response received at this edition of “Startup Nightmare Miami”, emphasizing that the event has become a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs and a valuable opportunity for startups to connect with investors and mentors in the thriving Miami business hub. Furthermore, this success solidifies its position as a traditional event on the calendars of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

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