In the Month of Autism, Maxwell Foundation Grows and Associates with the FIU “Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP”

The Maxwell Foundation signs an agreement with Florida International University (FIU) through its "Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP" program, which is responsible for providing assistance to low-income people in Miami Dade County.


This alliance is generated through the mutual agreement to generate a humanitarian service provision union that has formed aid between both foundations that serve the Miami Dade community.

The Maxwell Foundation has been in the Miami Lakes community for ten years and is chaired by Sai Rivero Psychologist – BCBA, on the other hand Nancy Clara Director of Public Relations of the Maxwell Foundation, joined by Annette Hungler Manager of the Department of Humanities, Health and Sciences program, together with Nancy Napolitano “Program Manager FIU”, who lead the FIU project and maintain that it is a special opportunity to be able to refer patients with different abilities.

The Maxwell Foundation enthusiastically celebrates the agreement, since the services they offer to children, youth and adults in mental health treatment optimize the comprehensive care of low-income patients who are served through “Green Family Foundation NeighborhoodHELP.” On the other hand, the foundation owns its therapies through the services provided by Medicare and Medicaid.

In addition, the Maxwell Foundation has developed professional education programs for young people with different abilities called “Creating Bridges”, where young people can study careers in: Travel and Tourism, Business Administration, Nursing, Electronic technicians and web page design.

This program has its first study promotion that will be in 2023, so that this program has access to all students, the Maxwell Foundation has generated a “sponsorship” campaign, so that companies and private donors support study careers, thus, more young people can benefit from their studies and obtain a certification that allows them to work.

In Autism Awareness Month, we want to raise awareness that young people with different abilities have enormous potential for job development within companies.

That is why the Maxwell Foundation is generating these alliances and calls on companies to join the integration. A high percentage of young people with autism are highly qualified to be part of the country’s workforce. For nine years, large corporations such as SAP, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson, Ford, Publix, Walmart, among others, have within their employees quotas for people with different abilities on the autism spectrum.

Although the road is long, starting to train young people is an excellent social tool, which offers them the necessary skills so that they can present themselves to the job interview and work within the regulations of the companies.

“CREANDO PUENTES”, is the only online education program for young people and if we become aware of the population’s need to integrate students into working life, not only will our society grow in a fairer and more inclusive way, but we will also obtain excellent workers, developed in their corresponding skills.

To be able to make donations or learn more about the “CREANDO PUENTES” program, you can access or come to our center located in Miami Lakes: 8040 NW 155th Street, Miami Lakes, Florida.

About Maxwell Foundation: It is a non-profit organization chaired by Sai Rivero BCBA psychologist and director of the Behavioral Health Center of Florida. Its extensive experience in the medical practice of health care positions it as a benchmark in its area. Lic. Rivero runs her institution and has opened the Virtual Academy in the pandemic, so that children, youth and adults can continue receiving their therapies through technology. It is there that she became aware that many young people do not manage to enter university after high school and it was there that she devised these careers with special preparation for young people in their first job interview.

All these therapies, plus professional support, generate a resounding change in society through the labor inclusion of young people potentially qualified for different jobs.

Sai Rivero uses simple methodologies for learning with a well-marked axis in social insertion. To do this, it extends the program by generating alliances with companies to hire its graduates. “Our voice and actions have to be the key so that more companies commit to having professionals with special skills within their staff, who will give added value to their company, also helping to create an inclusive and fairer society,” expressed Rivero.


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